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Primary Education


School Reopening In Some Schools Might Not Take Place As Usual Due To The Following Reasons-Opinion

According to the school calendar which was issued out by the ministry of education, all primary and secondary learning institutions are expected to resume their learning starting from 26th July which is tomorrow. However, due to some reasons, many students may fail to turn out as expected. Below are the reasons;

1. Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the reports issued by the ministry of health, Covid-19 infections rates continues to increase in some counties such as Nairobi. Due to fear, some parents might prefer their children stay at home until the pandemic goes down or assured that their children will be safe at school.

2. School fees and other learning materials.

Due to hard economic life, some parents are still experiencing difficulties in paying school fees for their children and therefore some parents who are not capable of getting school fees at this time, their children will be forced to stay at home. In addition if the child does not have the necessary materials for learning, he or she may not resume to school as usual.

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