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Bungoma Residents In Shock After Khaoya Pupils Did This To KCPE Results

Whenever results of the national exam come out, some pupils celebrate while others become demoralized especially when they do not meet their expectations.

A glimpse of the first page of Khaoya Primary School results, the school has the challenge of infrastructure but performed fairly well this year, source files.

Khaoya Primary School on the outskirts of Bungoma town registered considerably good results with the first pupil getting 352 marks. To a school which has been experiencing the challenge of infrastructure, this is remarkable.

On the other hand, those who performed poorly have shocked the world by doing the most unexpected thing to result sheets which had been displayed at the staffroom window pane for pupils and community to view.

In an extraordinary act, a section of pupils who seem to have been ashamed with their results came with blunt objects, broke the window pane and pulled out a section of their marks by tearing up the paper.

This has left residents in shock as the school is unable to identify the culprits. Several marks have been removed hence it is difficult to tell exactly who procured the mischief.

"The results have improved and as parents we are confident that our school is becoming better, this is a very shameful action to our results," said a parent after he noticed the act.

Khaoya Primary School lower page of results, you will notice that the window pane has been broken at the top right corner and a section of marks pulled out by tearing, this has shocked residents of the surrounding community, source files.

It should be noted that the school is just adjacent to the home of Bungoma Deputy Governor Prof Charles Kibanani Ngome. It befits logic that parents have the obligation to encourage their children to accept their results and forge ahead.The tearing up of results may be a result of low self esteem by pupils.

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