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College Education


Benefits of the CBC

The competency-based curriculum was drafted by KICD ( The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development). It was later initiated in 2017 after approval by the ministry of education. This system replaced the 8-4-4 system of education.

CBC applies a 2-6-6-3 system with classes being referred to as grades. The system includes major divisions as follows:

  1. Early years of education.
  2. middle school education
  3. senior school education.

Benefits of CBC Curriculum

Appreciation of all learners capabilities

The learners have different learning capabilities and the system caters and appreciates them all.

Its a collaborative model.

Development is enhanced by involving stakeholders and curriculum partners.

community service learning.

Including students in community services helps them apply knowledge acquired during learning. By learners exercising their community skills, teachers are able to spot their creativity and potential thus helping them discover their talents.

Expansion of students opportunities.

CBC provides learners with broad opportunities to learn from and help them narrow to talent identification according to their needs and capabilities.

positivity towards education.

The system impacts learners' positivity towards education by giving equal opportunities to access education. As a result school dropout is discouraged because learners enjoy exploring their fields of interest.

Its Digitally Based

The learner-teacher collaboration creates an opportunity for progressive learner support in the teamwork environment.

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