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Factors causing success in education

factors affecting Success in education

Success in education is dependent of so many factors .These factors include social , political and economic factors 3

Social factors are those factors that comes from the community at large .They incude

1] family status_The satus of a family can affect the success of a student in education.A student who comes from a well up family is able to go through all the levels of education from primary, secondary to university since his or her family is able to pay the school fees of the learner

2] community support

Some communities tends to contribute to the success of a learner by supporting him/ her in his/her studies and when these learners are supported they will be able to do well in their academic work .

Political factors

1] political stability

In those countries where there is peace and political stability the students will be able to succeed in their studies since there is no political issue affecting them.

2] Government support

Government support in education is of very important to the success of a student moreso those who comes from poor background that cannot afford to pay their school fees.When students are supported by the government they feel motivated in their education and tends to do better

Economic factors

Economic factors are those factors which includes financial ability and incomes

1]financial abilities

This is the ability of having funds to cater for your needs.When the students come from a family that is capable of paying their school fees and providing for their basic needs they will be able to study without stress and therefore they will be able succeed in their education

2family income

The amount of income that a family gets determines the ability of the family to cater for the needs of a learner and when their needs are catered for they will be able to study well since there is nothing disturbing their mental health

The above are some of the factors affecting Success of a student in education

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