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Meet A School In Makueni Where The Top 37 Students Scored Same Marks In Maths(85%) And Science(78%)

The beautiful school is called Emmanuel Springs Academy. It is a private primary school that is located in Wote, Makueni county. The school boasts of producing some of the top students in KCPE exams and even the best in Makueni county. The 2021 KCPE results of this school have raised a lot of questions and uproar to most Kenyans. This is because out of the 123 candidates who sat for the exam, the first 37 got the same results in Mathematics and Science as evidenced below;

Some Kenyans are even doubting the results but the headteacher says that it might be possible due to the standardization and moderation of the marks by KNEC.Moreover,the school has also produced the highest number of candidates who got over 400 marks and above in Makueni county who were 51 in number.The top student in the institution garnered 420 marks out of the possible 500.

Parents of the school, pupils and teachers have really celebrated for the outstanding performance.Now do you agree that it is possible for all the 37 students to score the same marks in the named subjects?Drop your opinions on the comment section.

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