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Woman with two degrees arrested after pulling her kids out of school claiming education is Satanic

Esther Njeri aged 36 years has been detained in Nanyuki Town after she pulled her kids out of shcool claiming education is satanic. Her kids one in form 2 and the other one in primary school have not resumed school since January despite their mother being an elite who has studied a degree in Accounting and another one in Commerce. Eunice Njeri has surprised her neighbors warning his neighbours to repentt their sins because the end of the world is near. She say that she his ready to face all accussations and tribulations like Meshack and Abednego in the biblical story. She has been warning her neighbours and friends that the world is coming to an end they should repent before this year ends. The alleged is seeing no value in education after being brainwashed by religious believes that have no grounds of approval hence she sees no need of attending school because thse are worldly treasures. She has been detained in Nanyuki awaiting for trial on which her mental health will be checked.

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Esther Njeri Eunice Njeri Nanyuki


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