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High court stops Kakamenga school from Punishing Students.

The High Court in Kakamega has stopped implementation of a goal by Kakamega School to charge parents for damages caused by fire that torched two dormitories at the school on November 5.

A parent, Boaz Vida, moved to court seeking to stop the school from charging Sh9,823 per student for damages caused by the fire.

“The applicant is hereby granted leave to commence Judicial review proceedings, more specifically to apply for the prerogative order of certiorari to bring into this court and quash the resolutions of the Board of Management meeting held on the November 10 of 2021,” the order reads.

The leave granted in 1 above, to operate as stay, the request gave by Justice William Musyoka reads further.

Vida has named the school principal, Gerald Oruna, who is the school BOM secretary and the BOM chairman, Prof Egara Kabaji, as the first and second respondents separately.

The school BOM met on November 10 and settled that each student pays Sh9,823 for the damages and set the dates for announcing of the students starting with form fours who provided details regarding Monday.

Form ones are relied upon to investigate Sunday while form twos will cover Tuesday. Form threes will investigate Thursday.

The school assessed the damage at Sh12,185,540, Sh695,420 for CCTV installation, Sh4,194,400 for the 280 two layer beds that were scorched and damaged students things at Sh4.5m.

He guided the applicant to serve the respondents by Tuesday one week from now and set gearing of the matter on November 30.

The parent argues that the goals were passed without including the parents and contrary to article 10 of the constitution that the conditions are correctional and against the soul of Articles 53(1) (b) of the constitutionThe goals are also illegal as they contravene regulation 36(3) of basic Education Regulations 2015.

Vida argues that it was unreasonable to rebuff the 20 students who were in class at the hour of the fire for bearing the most noteworthy obligation

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