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Why Girls Are Toping In KCPE And KCSE

Education has always been termed to be the key to success. Unfortunately, some people are not really getting what they bargained for in our education system. Getting quick money has been said to be the best way to prosper. And the means of being wealthy in a faster manner is always marinated with unlawful deeds.

Kenya is known to be blessed with great minds. I can't fail to mention the likes of Patrick Lumumba. He is and will forever remain an inspiration to many of us.

Passing exams is not all that Kenya wants for the learners. I suppose producing all-round learners is our key motive now that is why we had to revise our syllabus.

Apparently, I really can't tell why it has been so hard for one gender to rise to the occasion when it comes to books. Boys were dominating most sectors back then. Unfortunately, tables have turned maybe because we are neglected and all focus has turned to the girls.

Gender equality and equity has been advocated for until now where one gender seems to be surpassing the other. I need to be convinced that gender equality is not aimed against pinning down the boys!

For as long as we keep on celebrating that the girls and women are not rising up, kindly bear in mind that psychological torture eats up most boys. They no longer feel celebrated especially now that all the streets chants "The Future Is Female".

Indeed the future is female, moreso after seeing Tanzania being led by a female president. Lady Justice Koome is taking the throne and even SC Fred Ngatia himself cannot accept defeat. Wow!

When KCPE results were announced, I was not surprised that a girls was leading. For a moment I missed those old days when boys led all through. Long are gone those moment boys were lifted high in celebration of the results.

We are only few days away to getting KCSE results. My guess should be as good as yours that that gender will be leading again! Mark that in your calendars.

Attention is important to everyone and everything to some extend. Of what importance will it be if only one gender is aided now and then at the expense of the other. We need to be just and provide an equilibrium here.

In a nutshell, I just feel that there is imbalance in learning material distribution between boys and girls. It has always been girls these girls that thus making the boys lighter on a seesaw. If everything is put in order then we will compete fairly!

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