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Best Business Ideas For Campus Students In Kenya

Most of the Kenyan university and college students rely on their parents, guardians or loans from the government for their survival. While you are still schooling you can live a productive life and make your own money if you are determined and hardworking.

This article will provide you with profitable business ideas for university and college students:

1.Freelance writing and blogging.

You have an access to a computer or laptop and internet connection, you can try freelance writing. Most campus students do the writing jobs and you can take your time and learn from them. You can sign up for jobs on several websites and start working.

2.Forex trading.

Trading in the forex market can be risky for you as a trader especially as a beginner because you don’t know what you are doing. You can learn through YouTube or attend free seminars and gain some knowledge on account risk management from them.

3.Movie shop.

During the free time most campus students do spend their time watching movies and listening to music. You can start selling movies to them. You only need a computer with a large storage space and several flash disks to store your movies.

4.Start a YouTube Channel.

This is very simple because if you don’t have an access to a good camera you can use your phone. The only thing that you will need is a good microphone for a good audio, which goes for around 2500. With good content you will be able to attract subscribe in your channel and after being accept in the YouTube partners program you will start making from your videos.



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