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CBC Should come to an end

Being born into the late Moi's maziwa era is among the top childhood memories each adult would brag about.Though milk was not actually a necessity but it brought us to was just unique and scrumptious.Then came my siblings who saw the light in Kibaki's reign.Missed the milk but quenched on free primary.Time has passed now got kids in a new era with new education system.The change that was actually believed to make us rest has actually brought hell upon us.The expenditure is a boredom and made us all worried with the stiff economy.most parents especially from private school are having difficulty with the interpretation of the CBC."Jana niliambiwa ninunue unga kubwa za chapati na Mtoto akala chapati Tu Moja(i bought 2 kg wheat flour for practical only my daughter to be given a single chapati).I heard my neighbor yelling the previous day.The teachers have taken upon this system as a provision neighbors class each parent bought a 2 kg wheat flour -a class of 40.Only one was perpetually used the rest we both can't account for.

how can I forget the library wants.We are now purchasing books both secondary and primary books combined.The inadequate knowledge on interpretation has also made us be squeezed to buy books that are unnecessary.Yesterday as schools were opening for a new term, parents at various bookshops were writhed with anger of having bought almost ten books which were actually not enough according to the administration.From halved exercise books I used in nursery and pre primary, my kids demand A4-200 paged books.

time spent and monitoring is not only tiresome but also headache.The continuous assessment reports brought from teachers and subsequent demand are difficult and naively placed. How do I prepare my child to hold a crusade in market preaching ??? I'm not in battle with pastors and ministers but it's not logical.

though the previous system had downfall in measure of talents and measure of art intelligence it was better off and more economical . CBC has tried to fix the errors we had but it has been interpreted to enrich the glutton cartels not students.

We should go back to 8-4-4 until the time when the facilities and resources are up to date instead of digging a hole to cover a hole.

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