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(Video) What These Students Did That Has Allegedly Landed Principal In Serious Trouble

PCEA Kambala Girls High School in Molo constitutiecy was today closed down after the learners stage a night demonstration accusing the school management to doing nothing to provide them with water with many allegedly going up to for days without bathing.

The students walked out of the school compound yesterday at night by bring down part of the school fence, a path that led them straight to the cemeteries. According NTV, the students slept in the cemetery up to today in the morning with some who were found this morning had several injuries on their legs.

Talking to NTV, the parents revealed that their daughters spent out in the cemetery with many having multiple injuries while some were found naked. Talking to NTV, one parent alledged that the students were demonstrating since the school lacks water and their have not bathed for four days now. They were also complaining about the food they were being give. However their efforts to reach the principal bore no fruit.

The closure of the school was arrived at after the education officers together with the police arrived at the school with investigations launched.

Here is the video

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Molo NTV PCEA Kambala Girls High School


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