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What Teachers Must Now Do In Order to Fully Quit Unions After TSC Failed Them in September Slips

The teachers under Knut had been under intent pressure that led to them being left out in the cold during salary increments.Luckily,these teachers are now at per with their colleagues after new Knut officials starting new mutual relationship with the employer.They have had the last laugh with huge backdated salary arrears

When TSC deducted the urgency fees from the teachers' slips in August salaries,many of them got angered.Luckily,TSC did them proud by giving them an option to quit by just some few clicks on their online payslips.Unfortunately,TSC has not effected the deductions in the September slips that are already out.

Teachers who are eager to quit the unions should not only do so through the online slips.When TSC gave the teachers who were stuck in Knut an option of quitting,they were also to accompany the online withdrawals with the hardcopy letters of the same.Once the two are together,this is when a teacher can be relieved from the union dues by the employer.Teachers who want to fully quit should now write letters of the same online withdrawals that they had done through the slips or else,TSC will not get them out of the unions yet.

The above views are personal opinions in relation to the last withdrawals from Knut and also as per previous TSC demands.The writer is an Educationist.

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