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Confusions as Teachers Now Reject KNEC's New Order on 2021 National Exams

The 2020 KCPE candidates are expected to join form one on 2nd August.This will mark the commencement of their term one studies.Parents are now on with their budgets as others are rushing to change schools for their children.This is after majority of the students got admitted in schools that they never chose.

As the rush to form one admissions go on,the 2021 candidates are getting registered.The deadline for the registration exercise is 31st July.The Government has noted with great concern the high number of students who get registered but fail to do their national exams.This has distorted the Government's plans for all these children.It is difficult to tell where these students are.

The new KNEC guidelines are still giving the schools some sleepless nights.KNEC has changed that all schools with less than 40 candidates will do their exams in centers where there are 40 students and above.However,the teachers have now opposed this move.As reported by Taifa Leo Digital News,the school headteachers of the public schools together with the private schools have objected the new directive.

Through the KEPSHA and KEPSA heads,a letter to object the move has been written to Education CS Professor George Magoha to come in and rescue the situation.

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