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Top 10 Diploma Courses That Are Way Much Better Than Degree Courses

Many students aim for a bachelor's degree after completing high school. Yet, not everyone is capable of meeting the requirements. Diploma programs are often just as good as, if not better than, their four-year university counterparts. In my perspective, the following are the best 10 degree programs currently offered.

Degree Completion Certificate in Information Technology

Since it is one of the most marketable software packages, this course is offered by many different schools. There is an abundance of exciting things to see and do in the neighborhood. Being self-employed or working for someone else are both viable career options.

Graduation with a Certificate of Emphasis in Human Resource Management

I highly encourage you join in this program because it is one of the most competitive and rewarding diploma programs in Kenya.

Programs leading to a diploma in human resource management typically span two years.

Possession of a Valid Nursing License

If you want to work in healthcare, this is your best option. New medical facilities are springing up all over the country, making it harder than ever for nurses to find work outside of the healthcare industry.

This education is mostly provided through the Kenya Medical Training Colleges; however, comparable courses may be offered at other universities.

An education in project management and assessment has given me the skills to conduct research, create strategies, and carry them out successfully. As the number of projects grows, the value of project managers rises. Funding groups, businesses, and even government departments can all hire them for various purposes. A starting salary of $50,000 is offered for this role, which is very attractive.

A Real Estate Management Degree Program

There are a number of ways in which this course of study represents a departure from conventional wisdom. Due to the increased demand for real estate in recent years, there are many people who could be interested in purchasing this product. This is the path to take if a career in real estate is something you're thinking about. In real estate, you have the option of working for a firm or going into business for yourself.

Qualified Supply Chain Expert

Procurement and supply chain management jobs are in demand, yet there is a scarcity of skilled applicants. If you can get your hands on it for a reasonable price, it could be a really wise investment.

Certificated Pharmacy Technician

Having a degree in healthcare is always in demand because of the industry's invincibility.

An education in pharmaceutical technology is recommended.

Confident communicator with a background in sales and marketing

No company can succeed without a solid plan for generating new business and expanding existing clientele. They're essential in the modern business world. There is no risk of ever being unemployed due to the abundance of nearby businesses.

Get Your Quantity Surveying Degree

Given the rising interest in buying property, constructing dwellings, and subdividing land, the demand for professionals in this field will increase in importance.

Many people nowadays are purchasing assets like homes and businesses with the intention of keeping them for the rest of their lives.

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