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Fresh Details On What Caused The Death Of A Student at Mukumu Girls High School

A lack of training among school personnel contributed to the student's death, according to the school community.

One of the pupils died after being treated for malaria despite having a pre-existing illness.

On Thursday, the body of the deceased student will be laid to rest. After a procedure, her coworker suffered problems, according to reports.

Uncertainty exists as to why the student got surgery and what she was afflicted with.

After 28 students were hospitalized with fever and diarrhoea due to a malaria outbreak in May, parents have expressed their displeasure with the school's response.

The formal cause of the student's death has yet to be revealed, but it will be made public as soon as possible.

School administrators have been asked by Kenyans and parents who have spoken out about the issue to pay more attention to the health of their students.

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