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CBC, A good Curriculum turned bad

The competency-based curriculum (CBC) is a good move for Kenyan education as it encourages early specialization for our children. In a society characterized by consumerisms and individual-centered solutions for person-centered needs, Kenya needed an education system that is learner-focused, and the CBC was the go-to curriculum.

The curriculum focuses on competencies, enhances the learner's decision-making abilities (hence creating an all-round citizen at an early age), fosters community service learning, and introduces learners IT at an early age. Overall, the CBC is a good replacement for the 8-4-4 system that seemed so redundant and produced half-baked graduates.

However, the government got it all wrong from the word go when the CBC implementation process began. as the former Cabinet Secretary for Education, AMB Amina Mohammed said, the country is not yet well-prepared to effectively actualize the curriculum. In a country still struggling with insufficient classes to accommodate the growing number of students, the CBC is waste of a good thing.

The curriculum is therefore very effective and achievable in urban settings where most parent fall in the working class category. Many school in the villages not only lack enough classes, but also the recourses (especially IT-related) an the expertise to actualize the CBC. Therefore, many schools are teaching a new curriculum using methodologies from an old one.

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