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Why Most Degree Holders Take Longer Before Getting Employed Compared To Diploma Graduates

In Kenya we have a good number of universities and colleges that offer both degree and diploma programs. These two are awarded in accordance with the student's final score in KCSE. For a degree one must achieve a C plus and above then for the diploma and certificate if you score any grade below university entry point. Most of the diploma students are self sponsored so they have to cater for their fees. 

The future is so unpredictable only that we have to be optimistic. Upon completion of the four or six year courses everyone is always full of hopes that they'll get a good job very soon. However, these expectations backfire and people take too long to get jobs. Some even give up and others go back to school and pursue other courses.

According to analysis, diploma students get employed faster than the degree holders. In my own opinion, the reason for this is the amount of payment offered. Basing our argument on the current economic state of our country the employers offer around 25 - 30k salary for a start. So when degree graduates are given this pay they feel like it's too little compared to the efforts and time consumed in class. On the other side, diploma holders find this salary a better one because chances of getting another one are minimal considering their educational levels. 

Another reason is the period taken to study a certain course. A diploma takes around two or three years while degree goes for four, five or six. By the time you graduate from the University, a college person who has already gotten a job in that potential company that's supposed to give you a chance. The available opportunities are less compared to the number of job seekers so first come first served.

What's your opinion on this issue of joblessness among Kenyan youths? Share your thoughts on the comment section. 

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