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Reactions As Four School Kids Are Spotted Risking Lives As They Board 1 Motorbike

Kenyans have been left reacting after four school going children are spotted boarding one motorbike along a highway.

The photo was shared on Facebook by Thika Town Today. The photo was captioned "Somewhere in Thika this morning. Kwa Nini mzazi aruhusu mtoi wake kupelekwa shule namna hii? 4 kids on a bike? Huu ni mchezo wa kurusha kichwa ndani ya kichwa Cha mamba alafu uanze kulia serikali saidia."

Screenshot of a post on Facebook

Kenyans have reacted to this post claiming that there is no need to panick since the kids are of male gender. Others speculated that the kids'parents have no money to hire a V8 for their children and they resolve to using a motorbike since it is cheaper.

However, others had a different opinion claiming that the kids' parents should be arrested for Negligence and possible murder. The fact that the kids have no helmet is also alarming.

Screenshots of some of the comments

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