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My Primary School Teacher Bullied Me To An Extent I Lost Some Of My Teeth, It Was Painful- Julie

Julie from Nayndarua county sadly shares her story with one of the YouTubers on how bullying from her primary school teacher made her lose her teeth. She goes ahead to say that even the remaining ones are too weak.

Julie and her siblings were brought up by a single mother after their father abandoned them at a very tender age. Julie went through school and when she reached in class six, she was transferred to another school. This is where she met the teacher from hell, she says.

According to Julie, her teeth were brown, a condition known as fluorous. This was due to too much intake of salty water in their area. This made one particular teacher hate her with passion. 

He used to bully her in terms of insulting her and calling her ugly due to the condition of her teeth. Every time he wanted her to answer a question, he would refer to the negative side of her condition. This made her classmates laugh at her, and she felt worthless then.

This affected Julie's self-esteem, since she would always hide her teeth whenever she talked. She was even afraid of the teacher, and she would avoid talking during his lessons. She shared with her mother about the situation at school, but she wasn't keen to act.

Due to the bullying, she felt less beautiful than other girls in her class. During the weekend, she tried and washed her teeth with steel wool and other times charcoal to at least see if there would be any change. Unfortunately, they remained the same. She hated herself from then on, she says.

Time went by, and she completed her studies and later got a job. The harsh words from the teacher lingered in her mind and the first salary she got, she desperately went to search for a doctor who would whiten her teeth.

According to her, she was willing to spend as much money so that she would be beautiful and prove the teacher and herself wrong. Unfortunately, she landed in the hands of a quack doctor in Nairobi, who worsened her condition. This was because, after the process, her teeth began to crack on their own since they became fragile and hypersensitive. She has lost more than eight teeth, she sadly states.

She now cannot take meat or even chilled drinks. Not only that, but she blames the teacher for her condition due to the words that he spoke to her when she was a child. Furthermore, she advises teachers to be keen on what they say to their students because it can have a negative impact on them in the future. 

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