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College Education


The Unsaid part of university life

Some call it a dream come true whenever they qualify to join a University in Kenya. What people may not be aware of is the fact that this is the most crucial part of a person's life.

In the universities, students often involve in activities like drug and substance abuse, sexual activities, explicit lifestyle, love triangles among others.

It is no longer a shock to find that a young university lady is dating a very old man the size of her father. They do this for pleasure of weekend travels to very expensive places and other monetary needs.

In the case of boys, they are majorly involved in placea of overdrinking and gambling. Shocking enough is that some date widows and other older women for monetary gains.

It is not a secret anymore that some university students suffer from STIs due to this.

Furthermore, the life of being rebellious often creeps in. They become an extremely difficult generation to handle.

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