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Top Universities in Kenya Are Unwilling to Train Teachers on TPD

TSC is Not Even Hiding That TSC is not even hiding that this TPD is about business. They are inviting universities to "tender" to offer TPD courses. Is that even legal? Lecturers have to literally spill their guts to get programmes approved by the Commission for University Education, but TSC, which is not a university, invents a course and then calls universities to tender to offer it?

This is so corrupt. TSC is basically putting handcuffs on teachers, telling teachers to pay for the key, then calling on manufacturers to tender their interest in paying for the license to manufacture the keys. 

People, this is no different from the prison industrial complex. You use the government to imprison people, then sell their labor to other companies. The government is selling the bondage of teachers.

And what was that you were promised with CBC? Ati teachers will notice talent and give your kids personal attention?

You want miserable people to give loving attention to your kids? In which world?

According to the latest report from Teachers Service Commission a few universities have applied to offer the training.

Nancy Macharia the Tsc Ceo said that only eight universities have applied to offer the TPD training for teachers. However they Universities do not meet the requirements of offering the training.

The Tsc Ceo Nancy Macharia has expressed her frustration as to why these universities are not willing to offer the training to teachers.

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