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TUK 9th graduation ceremony to be held soon

Technical University of Kenya(TUK) is a public university located in Nairobi county.It was chartered in January 2013 by then president Mwai Kibaki.From The Vice Chancellor Prof. Francis W. O. Aduol the university is happy to announce that it will hold their 9th graduation but due to COVID-19 measures,the ceremony will be virtual.

All the graduating students are advised to read the graduation guidelines and adhere to it.

A memo was seconded showing the date for ceremony

Technical University of Kenya grew out of the Kenya Polytechnic. The Kenya Polytechnic was founded in 1961.Proposals for the establishment of a technical institute in Nairobi were put forward in the Willoughby Report published in 1949. This led to the creation of the Royal Technical College of East Africa (RTCEA).

The objective was to establish a technical college in Nairobi which would offer education and training at the technician and semi-professional levels for the three East African territories of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika. It was then important that in each of the territories there should be students sufficiently qualified to join RTCEA. While Uganda and Tanganyika established technical institutes in Kampala and Dar es Salaam to prepare candidates to join RTCEA, Kenya opted to introduce class streams under the name Kenya Technical Institute (KTI) at RTCEA.

By 1960 it had been decided that the Royal Technical College of East Africa should expand its mandate to offer degrees. Thus in 1960, the RTCEA was granted the mandate to offer degrees of the University of London under a special arrangement. Under this new status, the college had its name changed to the Royal College Nairobi.

As the college had its mandate expanded, it was no longer possible to continue accommodating the students of the Kenya Technical Institute due to pressure on space. Consequently, the Kenya Technical Institute needed to be moved to a site of its own. At the same time it was considered that the Diploma programmes should be moved away from RTCEA to Kenya Technical Institute. Consequently, in order to offer as well training at the level of Diploma, the Government established the Kenya Polytechnic out of the Kenya Technical Institute.

Congratulations to those graduating soon.

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