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Why Teachers Aged 50Yrs & Above May Now Be Forced to Go For Early Retirement

The discussions about the CBC implementation have been going on on daily basis.This came about as a result of the rampant complains from the parents about the tedious and expensive assignments that their children have been going home with.

The teachers will have to go through the most rigorous and longest trainings in their lives.The rolling out of the tpd modules training will see teachers part with thousands of cash in order to fund their training fees.

The teachers who are 50 years old and above are now likely to go for early voluntary retirement.These teachers have very few years left for them to permanently go home.Subjecting them to the trainings that will see them renew their licences is a psychological torture to most of them.Furthermore,the fact that TSC will sack teachers who will fail the modules is another stressful wait towards retirement.These trainings will have no major impact to these teachers who are almost retiring.In order to avoid all these stress including new fees payment,many teachers in this bracket may opt for early retirements.

The views above are personal opinions.The writer is an Educationist.

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