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Mother of six scores B Minus in 2021 KCSE exams

Due to financial constraints, Ms Sabriya Ismail Ahmed dropped out of school in 1999 and married, easing her family's school price burden.

Ms Ahmed, 39, never gave up on her childhood aim of becoming a doctor and returned to school after 20 years.The mother of six sat for the KCSE examinations in 2021 with her two kids.

Due to a shortage of school costs, she dropped out of form two at Qubaa Secondary School in Mombasa and married soon after.Her daughter got a B, but her son hadn't gotten his yet“My daughter got a B, but I don't know my son's.”

She claims she always wanted to go to college and she studied alongside her two kids, who also brag about how they will beat each other.“It's been great learning with my kids and helping with schoolwork. “We agreed to do well in our exams,” she continued.Ms. Ahmed said her husband has encouraged her to return to school.

I dropped out of school to marry my husband, but he has always supported me and my children in their studies,” she said.Examined in Newlife Secondary School in Banisa Sub-county (Mandera).Mothers with a passion for knowledge should return to school, she advised.Meanwhile, Mohamed Khalif Noor from Mandera Secondary School got an A-minus.

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