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Tension To TSC As Qualified Teacher Trainees Are To Wait For All This Period For Employment

Teaching profession has for a long time been compromised of not being a fully fledged profession due to how it carries out most of its operations as compared to other professions such as law, medicine and engineering.

For instance, it is only in teaching profession where the qualified individuals takes the longest time before they are absorbed to serve the nation. Also, non qualified individuals can also penetrate through the system and have a chance to teach in class.

This is totally different from other professions like law and medicine where one has to qualify and be registered first before undertaking any professional duty. Teaching profession is also the only profession which lacks autonomy.

There has been conflict all the country about the large numbers of qualified teacher trainees who are not yet employed yet many schools across the country are experiencing shortage of teachers. These teachers always wait for about 5 years before they are employed.

This could be attributed to how the systems of the body in charge of employing teachers is managed and the high enrollment rate in the teacher education institutions. This has imposed alot of pressure to Teachers and Service Commission which has pushed them to find ways to solve the crisis.

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