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Everything Wrong With cbc

The new competency based curriculum that is being used in Kenyan schools does have it's advantages. For one thing it instils a practical knowledge instead of the theoretical knowledge that we were used to before. It also eliminates negative competition that led to a lot of cheating in exams. The cbc however, like everything, has it's weaknesses. Here are some of the things that are wrong with this curriculum.

A ten year old mind is delicate. Cramming it up with a lot of unrelated knowledge is hardly the way to way to help to grow. From Agriculture to music, homescience to mathematics and even notes on PE. All these don't just overwhelm the child, it confuses the mind and breeds a certain hatred for school. Instead of the specialization that the cbc promised, kids are only getting a little bit of everything and instead of everything about one thing.

Assessment is also a big problem with this new curriculum. While competition can be toxic sometimes, it is also healthy and motivates students to better. This curriculum however, does not rank student and has a rather sketchy way of assessing performance. There are no grade and instead of a D or an A your child gets "satisfactory" or "below average" . This does not in any way motivate the child to work hard for that number one position. Perhaps this cbc should Incooperate some elements of the other curriculum in it.

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