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Is Competency Based Curriculum Good for Kenya?

What You Need to Know About CBC.

We have all come across CBC memes ... Kenyans exaggeratingly doing their best to make our cheeks flush. Elder siblings waking up to scarecrows, parents complaining of items required for practical learning mostly food, practical crucifixion, and weddings. Well, Kenyans with entertainment!

Some Brief Facts.

The Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) was launched in 2017 replacing the 32-year-old 8-4-4 curriculum.

Under 8-4-4, learners spend 18 years in school inclusive of the two years of pre-school while the CBC structure being 2-6-3-3-3 totaling to 17years in school. After which learners will join Universities for three years courses or do their Certificate or Diploma courses in Colleges or Vocational training Centers for preferred years of study.

Learners will spend two years in pre-primary, six years in primary, and six years in secondary school.

It marks the end of KCPE ( Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) and KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education). The transition from one level to another will be marked by summative assessment.

Why CBC?

When do we term an Education system as one entertaining rote learning? When do we start searching for solutions...there must be a problem, or perhaps problems right?

We can draw insight from Plato's allegory (Allegory of the cave )that knowledge acquisition has limitations the highlighted difference between the two is that 8-4-4 encouraged rote learning because of over-emphasis on content mastery while CBC aims at putting more emphasis on student practical participation, learner-centered learning.

Elimination of the two national examinations will prove to be one huge step towards all spheres of beneficial learning. There have been cases of even parents and teachers plotting exams malpractices, learners battling depression, and some end up committing suicide so much pressure on a one-time exam tagged as a determinant of an individual's success or the contrast.

Why learn theories you know not of their applications? With the new system, practical emphasis is key to learning being termed successful. So nice to see young kids design their dustbins and pans, clean up their classes using their own made items.

The CBC system paves a wider way for the strengthening of interests; Art and design, music and craft, Home science, Science and Technology, Agriculture, and Physical literacy are not taken lightly as with the 8-4-4 system.

As it goes roots never get the appreciation that a flower gets and learning is progressive, the CBC with effective collaboration of all Education stakeholders, teachers, parents, and the learners will get us out of the cave, and it's a lifestyle.

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