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New MKU TPD Modules Fees Catches Teachers Unaware As Registration Starts

The teachers are set to begin their trainings in the newly rolled out Teacher Development Modules Training.Yestertay,TSC paved way for the commencement of the trainings that are set to begin immediately in four institutions nationality.Mount Kenya University,Riara University,Kenyatta University and KEMI have been identified as the sole institutions that will provide the trainings for the teachers.

Since the roll out,teachers have been up in arms.The plan to train them again for 30 years is sounding like a dream to many who don't understand why.Teachers will be required to pay Ksh 6000 per module that will cover 5 years.As anticipated,the teachers knew that they will pay a total of Ksh 36,000 once they complete the trainings.However,things may now be different.

Mount Kenya University has already announced the first intake for the teachers who will join in the coming holiday.The teachers are already caught unaware by the new fees.Apart from the actual modules which will be Ksh 6000,the teachers will pay some Ksh 6000 for introductory module transcript.This already means that from the introduction to the end of module one,the teachers will part with some Ksh 12,000.This is apart from accommodation,meals and other materials needed.Teachers should brace for tough financial times.

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