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Lifestyle of Kenyan University Students

If there are people who can fake life successfully then it must be university students from Kenya. I have no idea of how the university students from outside Kenya live but I undoubtedly have mastered the art used by my fellow Kenyan comrades.

Should I call it survival art? My observations has led me to an inference. The inference is that my fellows work as hard as possible to hide their true identity through various means such as the stories they tell, the stuffs they post on social media and their dressing code.

It is no secret nowadays and it has been evident to many that the university students live a very hard life secretly; but for everyone of them to have a sense of belonging, they fake a lot of things which makes them look otherwise compared to their true identity.

As mentioned above, one of the ways they use to achieve this false identity is their dressing code. They have mastered the art of combination, that is, one may have few fine outfits but combines them differently for it to seem that they have a lot. "Kupiga luku" or "Kuua luku" is their slogan and it means dressing to kill. A university student should rather sleep hungry in order to purchase Air force shoe or other latest clad designs in order to show their friends what they are which in real situation is not what they are.

Second art is the social media identity. Most comrades are working hard to gain identities similar to those of celebrities and other public figures. This has been evident in photos they post in their social media handles which in many cases are photoshopped. Most ladies also try to look as pretty as possible by the help of filters and other camera magics. Indeed if you meet them physically, they are nothing close to their social media identities.

These struggles have made other students to luck self confidence and to feel that they have no position in the campus niche. Even worse, this lifestyle has made some student to die silently with the problems which indeed can be solved easily since they think their statuses will be degraded when they open up. So sad.

But who is to blame? Should we blame the entire social media? Maybe. Should we blame the changes in time? Maybe. Should we blame the individuals? Maybe. Should we blame all those factors above? Maybe. This issue should be subjected to thorough debate in order to get the deserved solutions.

But who will work towards solving the issue? An adage says that the wearer of the shoes knows where the shoes pinches most; therefore if the students themselves doesn't open up then nobody will come to to their rescue.

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