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Why Dp Ruto risks losing teachers votes.

Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers are considered to be the epitome of the society. Most important people in our society such as Doctors, Nurses, police persons, pilots in one way or another have passed through the hands of a teacher. The teaching fraternity makes up a bigger percentage of elites population in our country.

Considering the above factors, Dp seems to have crossed the red line with teachers. He reffered to teacher as, " watu wa A, e, I, o, o", this rubbed teaching fraternity the wrong way. Any time Dp Rutos name is mentioned in the staff room, teachers recite the same words spoken by our Dp.

Given that Teachers are most influential in our society, they may use Dps words against himself. Though they are about 300k teachers, assume one teacher influences 10 people, those are 300000x10=3000000 votes which may turn the table against him.

What is your take on this? Do you think teachers votes can make a difference? Will Dps words work against him? Feel free to comment and share. Hit the like button below.

Stay blessed pals.

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