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TSC to Launch a Unique Platform for Teachers to use during Wealth Declaration

Time is running fast as the next process of filling wealth declaration nears. On the same note, teachers expected to start declaring their 2020-2022 wealth information in the next few months, as the TSC declared that all teachers must give authentic information about their wealth. According to reports, the commission has realized that the previous incidences that the teachers have been filling online forms while declaring their wealth has ever been full of omissions of some useful property that they usually think, in their own jurisdiction, that is unnecessary to be in the public domain.

According to exclusive reports from the commission, the way TSC is planning to handle the teachers' information on their online wealth declaration forms could entail a unique online filter that could determine whether the information given is upto date, and accompanied by a verifiable evidence. This, according to TSC stakeholders, will help the commission to plan ahead of schedule to understand the wealth status of the teachers, and if possible to review the teacher's online information to coincide with the actual information that truly reflects the teacher.

Though the move might infringe the privacy of the teachers, TSC had to proclaim that the aforementioned step is just out of good-will, and will help the employer to understand the welfare of its employees. Moreso, most teachers are known to suffer from financial dwarfism, and majority of them have never shown signs of improvement, something that has bothered the employer to know where they could help to boost the status of such teachers.

Therefore, reports from a reliable source from the commission reiterated that teachers are expected to give all-inclusive information while filling their next declarations without exaggerating anything, or giving information while hiding some of their own property, when, in some circumstances, the same teachers own mansions. One of the TSC commissioners in the ICT section hinted that TSC will soon launch a different platform for the teachers to upload their physical properties to authenticate the ownership of the same, while basing on the information uploaded.

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