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Let's Learn:Most Common Abbreviations That We Use With Their Full Meanings

In our daily interactions, we have been using different abbreviations which we might have not known what they exactly mean in full. Below are some of these abbreviations and their corresponding full meanings.

BC stands for before christ.

AD stands for Latin word Anno Domini which is used to term to "in the year of the lord."

Ok stands for Olla Kalla which means okay or approval.

COMPUTER. This is an abbreviation for Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.

TBT means Throw Back Time.

TML stands for Too Much Information.

Lol means Laugh Out Loud or Lots of Love.

WPS stands for Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Spreadsheet Excel.

SIM means Subscriber Identification Module.

WiFi. It is Wireless Fidelity.

DP simply means Display Picture.

PDF is an abbreviation of Portable Document Format

Virus means Viral Information Resources Under Siege.

ARVs means antiretrovirals.

KUCCPS stands for Kenya University and Colleges Placement System.

Etc means end of thinking capacity.

Eg stands for example given.

MBWA means Manage by walking around.

ASAP means as soon as possible or always say a prayer.

TGIF means thank God it's a Friday.

CEO stands for chief executive officer.

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

CSO stands for Curriculum Supervising Officer.

BFF means best friend forever.

COTU is an abbreviation for Central Organization of Trade Unions.

Nkt stands for not kindly taken.

NB stands for Nota bene which is in Latin.

Wef is an abbreviation for with effect from.

Which other abbreviation do you think you need to know? In case you know any meaning of another abbreviation, feel free to share it.

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Anno Domini BC Common Oriented Machine Particularly United Latin WPS


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