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Make you academic life easier. How to improve your memory

Reading without strategies cannot make you an academic giant.

How to Improve Memory

Various methods can be used to improve our ability to retain information in long term memory. Let us briefly look at these methods.

1)Recitation: This method involves repeating to yourself what you have learnt. Recitation forces you to practice retrieving information as you learn.

2)Summarizing and paraphrasing of the major points helps to enhance memory.

3)Over learning: over learning means practicing beyond the point of mastery.

4)Chunking: Chunking means grouping a set of items into subgroups for easy recall. This reduces the number of items to be remembered. For example, trying to memorize the telephone number –0721205873, you may reduce the chunks to be recalled as 0721, 205, 873 or as 07,21,20,58 and 73.

5)Spaced Practice: Spaced practice is superior then massed or continuous practice. We should have breaks instead of studying continuously. This allows the mind to process and store the information.

6)Sleep/rest: Sleeping or resting after studying reduces interference and enhances memory consolidation. Thus, study schedules should have ample breaks between subjects.

7)Review: Reviewing of learned material involves going over the major concepts again.

8)Organization: If the material you are learning is well organized, it will be easy to remember. One way of organizing information is by breaking it into smaller units and trying to link these to each other in the way they relate to each other so that remembering one unit can lead to remembering yet another unit.

9)Cueing: Cues such as, highlighting the key concepts or terms can help in recall.

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