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Student Admitted In HDU After Their Teacher Reportedly Beat Him Until He Had An Internal Bleeding

A sad incident has been reported this afternoon by one lady seeking justice after her brother was badly beaten by their teacher while in school. As reported on Twitter, the boy was hit while in class at Moi Forces Academy East leigh where he had been schooling.It has been reported that the school deputy principal called her to come pick him. She took an Uber and went straight to Moi Forces Academy. They passed through nearby hospital and did a test thinking he had Corona Virus. The result was negative and so they went home. After some hours, the boy had unusual reactions and so they rushed him to hospital. A scan was done and the results actually shocked them. They found that he had been bleeding from inside and a part close to his brain was badly damaged. The girl claims that his brother is in High Dependency Unit right now and they are not sure if he will survive. According to this girl, her brother's problem started after the teacher hit him. This is so sad indeed, we hope this young boy will get better soon.

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