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Secondary Education


Best Sub-County High Schools in Kenya

Other than national schools we have some wonderful sub county schools that we are proud of.

In my article am going to categories best performing sub county schools.

1.Mary mount secondary

This is the best outstanding sub county school,it improves every year with some impressing mean grades. Not only education but also is an amazing school with beautiful buildings.

2.Embakasi secondary school

This is the second secondary school that has posted some amazing grades over years now. It is found in Nairobi.

3.Elburgon secondary

This school has most disciplined students that respect their teachers. This good character has led them to some impressing mean grades over years.

4.Kamureito Secondary

This is one of the best secondary school mostly in academics . The school has registered some impressing means in the past years.

5.Nangwa Secondary

The school is located in Embu county. Actually is the best boys sub county high school in Kenya.

6.Damcrest secondary

This school is ranked among the best sub county schools in Kenya. Its a wonderful school mostly in infrastructure.

7.Meteitei Secondary

According to analysis this is the best school in teams of discipline and behaviors.

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