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Why Some Bad Students Become Successful In Life More Than Good Ones

They don't care about grades

For many students, a good grade means success in life. If a good student has good grades, this means he or she has archived something. However good grades not only depend on the quality but also other factors like teacher and moods; for instance, bad students don't really care about their results, they don't expect anyone to appreciate them all they care about is how satisfied they are and comfortable. 

They don't try to look good

Good students must always be punctual, present a good image to other students among other things. In the process, most of them stop being themselves and starts pretending to be someone else. For bad students, even though they respect the teachers, they wouldn't want to do things they don't like. It is very hard to manipulate such a person because he or she will always choose or go for what they really want

They are okay not only with successes, but also with failures

Success and failure is part of human life. Dealing with failure can be very hard especially to people who are used success, they will be frightened even with a smallest mistake. For the other students, bad grades is not what identifies them, they understand that this is not the end so they handle stress very well and are able to adjust quickly. 

They don't spread themselves too thin

For good students, they will go through a lot of challenges, read books, do some research among other things to improve theirs grades. Its a good thing and it works. For bad students, all they care about are the things that are interested in; if they think something is pointless in their life they will not pay too much attention. Such a person might end up adding experience in a field he or she loves while the other students is still doing some learning

They are ready to take risks

As we all know, such people love taking risk a lot. Sometimes in life we all have to take risks and we do not have to be afraid, we just have to be ready for the consequences and face them with courage. People who did not do so well in school had to adapt to this, they endured too much pressure and now they can make their own decisions because they deal with their own mistakes

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