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Primary Education


Govt releases sh9.3b to fund free education program

Schools have been boosted after the government made the announcement of giving more support to Education sector.

Most schools have been complaining of insufficient resources especially this time of covid-19 pandemic.

These facilities include enough classes, enough water for hand washing and many others.

To ensure that schools are in good position of learning and teaching process, the government has released 9.3 billion kenya shillings.

According to the report, the 9.3 billion shillings are to fund the free education programs. Out of this amount, 2.8 billion shillings are allocated to primary schools while 6.5 billion shillings are allocated to Secondary schools.

Therefore, public schools both primary and secondary will be able to run school programs smoothly.

In addition, parents with children in public schools will have a smile as there children will not be send home for school fees.

Therefore, it will be painful if the school heads will send learners home for school fees.

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