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Truth Be Told About The TSC TPAD

The TSC teacher performance appraisal and development tool is clearly a tool for oppression by the teachers' employer. Presently, there is barely a teacher who would speak positively about their employer. Almost every teacher is lamenting, a section maybe because of unwarranted deductions, another section may be lamenting the unreasonable delocalisation and another, the monstrous medical scheme called AON, duplicating NHIF yet not recognized by most hospitals.

The promotion of teachers is now pegged on the TPAD tool. TSC was working hard to ensure that promotion and recruitment was to go to those who dance to every policy they force on teachers. The TPAD tool does nothing to most teachers. For instance, very few teachers would follow the procedures in filling the tool. They just send details to cybers and they score sections randomly. Many teachers attach nothing while submitting the scores for each section. It is something they do not like hence is just filled to satisfy the monster of an employer.

The manner in which TSC was picking universities to offer the TPD modules was clearly suspect. The main aim of this employer seems to be to frustrate the teacher. That is why teachers now teach and go home. They do not have the passion anymore. Theirs is to be present in wait of the 'white smoke.'

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