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A Cinema Ensued In Murumbe School In Embu As Teachers Are Put On Medical Arrest For This Reason

There was a free for all Cinema in a school in Embu County. The drama ensued after a girl put Viagra on teachers staffroom tea.

A form one student at the school know as Jenifer Ndiwga is said to have allegedly put the content on the teachers tea.

Immediately after the teachers took their breakfast, they started experience the unusual sighs, making them to be subjected to a medical arrest.

According to report, the teachers were immediately put into the school classrooms after happily consuming their tea.

The report indicate also indicate that, Jenifer Ndiwga could have done that, as a result of the punishment she was administered to, by a teacher on Thursday afternoon.

It is not known how she was able to access the teacher tea, but she later left the school premises using unknown route after completing her mission.

A thorough search for her by the police has been launched, to make sure she faces the full arm of the government.

This is a very unfortunate for the teachers. They continue to suffer, as a result of the questionable behavior, that the students are exhibiting towards them.

We pray that the affect teachers will recover in a fast way,so that their families and friends can be at peace

Content created and supplied by: Kimtheblogger (via Opera News )

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