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Academic Writing As A Business

Academic writing is a formal writing. It basically deals with university and college academic papers. It would also stretch to the lower education levels , that is, the primary and secondary levels. It entails, writing essays, working on research papers and dissertations. There are four types of Academic Writing. There is what we call critical writing, persuasive writing, analytical and descriptive academic writing. In a broader perspective, they are divided into two categories , that is, technical and non technical papers.

How does this industry work?

The foundation of this industry is based on the fact that, learners need aid when it comes to working on their homework and assignments. Parents are sometimes so busy, that they forget to aid their children in working out their assignments. Or maybe, and this is often the case, they lack the expertize that is required. It is against such a background, that writing companies were initiated. The main aim is to aid the students, as the student remains the key player in his or her assignment. It is just showing them the way they should follow.

These writing companies have their employees who are qualified and professional writers. To qualify for this, you have to prove your competence before you are given an account( logins) where assignments will be send.

There are two main types of accounts. There are those you bid(take accounts) for assignments and there are those companies that allocate their writers with jobs. Randomly. I had personally prefer a bid account to the other.

Do you need to own an account to be a writer?

No. You can get someone who has an account and has a high overflow of work, and work for them.

How can you learn to write a professional paper?

There are individuals and companies that offer this services. Just google online. It is important to note that, you don't have to know how to write. You can buy or create an account and then find professional writers to help you with the assignments. You will pay them in return of their services. This is where your fortune lies.

A good paper should always be free from plagiarism(should be original). You would google online and then paraphrase.

This is the math

As an employee you will be paid Kshs 300-450 per page(CPP). But for higher returns you need an account. For instance on Fiverr(an academic writing company), an 8 page assignment would cost the client between 80 to 120 dollars. Let us do the math. Let us use 100 dollars. This simply means you will receive around Kshs 8000 on completion of the assignment. You will need to pay your employee like half of that amount. That leaves you with the rest of the cash without a single move. Just bid and relax. Give out the assignment and then later submit on completion. Just that. In a year or so, you would have made your million (s) depending on the workflow.

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