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Boarding schools Add No Value, KUPPET Secretary General Says

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers' secretary general, Mr. Akello Misori, warned the teachers today that all boarding institutions ought to be closed since they provide no benefits.

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According to Akello Misori, most students waste their time and behave badly since they don't spend enough time with their parents as a result of their frequent absences from school.

He asserts that day school pupils are often more behaved than their boarding school counterparts because their parents closely monitor them when they go home in the evening.

The KUPPET secretary also claims that boarding students frequently spend a lot of money and perform poorly than their day school counterparts.

For all parents, the Kuppet secretary is a big relief. React to the closure of residential schools. The number of students who come from various backgrounds is the subject of our current inquiry, which is challenging for parents because each parent sends her children to a school that is functioning well. Please share your thoughts and suggestions here.

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