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6 Things That Keep intelligent People From Succeeding in Life

Most intelligent people l know who were straight A students,who were regarded as geniuses,have pretty much not found success. Infact,the people l thought would struggle in life,are the ones who succeed.

So,what's keeping these geniuses from succeeding?Here are 6 reasons why;

1•They rely too much on credentials and college degrees

intelligent people rely too much on their accolades because they worked hard for their degrees,they feel like they deserve quick success. In the business world, word experience is what's needed.

That's why these shitty jobs are so important,they might pay peanuts,but they'll give you the work experience you need to work at your dream job.

2•They have poor social skills _ Highly intelligent people often put their studies above everything,they often think hardwork is more valuable than spending time with friends and family. I made the same the past , l used to spend dayd reading without talkingto anyone,and that negatively affected my social skills,l would often say things that further alienated me,l didn't work well with others.

The more you communicate with other people, the better of a talker you'll be. Don't try to say the right things all the time,no one is perfect,you just have to put some effort into improving your communication skills.

3•They hate change _ Smart people prefer to stick with what they know,change brings them great discomfort. I worked in l.T a while back.l know the frustrations of having to do an A+ college course every time there is a new window operating systems, or computer hardware changes. But changes is what buids you,change opens your mind.sharpens your life skills. If you embrace change you'll be able to adapt to it.

4•They overthink

Highly intelligent people have a habit of overthinking before they act,what are the chances of failure?What are the risk?ls it worth it?This way of thinking not only holds them back,but it also feeds anxiety and stress.

To succeed in life,you have to take risks ,you need to be brave enough to try the unknown. Life begins outside of your comfort zone.

5•They have poor emotional intelligent _Emotional intelligenceid a varety for many highly intelligent people in the business world,and in life it's very important to treated. If you have poor emotional intelligence,you will struggle to build or maintain relationships .This will severely limit your chances of success.

The good news is that emotional intelligence just like social skills,can be improved.lnteracting with friendly people on a daily basis,will definitely improve your emotional intelligence,and make people's person.

6•They overlook simplicity _ Highly intelligent people have a tendency to complex problems. Your s Geraghty p erson is very simple things. To live your best life you've got to keep things simple,from the way you do your work,to how you speak with people. Complicating things just adds unnecessarystress and misery to your life.

In life,it's very important to take things easy,don't be a prisonal of your own thoughts. Never let fear hold you back.

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