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Opinion: School Fires Could be Prevented If Only The Following Can Be Followed

We have witnessed schools going on flames what we have termed as indiscipline in children. Off course it is, but to be sincere we avoid or prevent such incidents in case if we employed this few techniques.

CCTV: Most boarding schools have been installed with CCTV cameras, but I think most institutions have installed this gadgets not to prevent but to acquire evidence when there is an incident.

What if we installed CCTV for monitoring events? I think 99% of this incidents could have prevented. So it good if we deployed personnel in front of the CCTV monitors or screens to check on any suspicious events.

As we deploy this personnel, we should also remember to have others on the ground to act accordingly once the alarm is raised. We should provide easy means of communication such as walk talk (radios).

Lets also remember that proper training for security personnel's is paramount. 5 trained security officers are equivalent to 100 untrained.

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