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Key Differences Between Rental Houses & Universities Hostels Students Should Take Note

Most universities hostels are based on first come first serve basis.Besides other universities also have online booking of hostels.The following are key differences between the institutions hostels and rental houses.

Institutions hostels have set of rules where students are not allowed to cook in hostel and there is minimal privacy since students shares rooms unlike rental houses where students have full privacy and freedom to prepare their meals.

In rental houses accomodations fees is paid monthly while hostels accomodations fees is paid for the whole semester at once.Besides new tenants in rental houses pays deposit unlike the institutions hostels.

Students uses water and electricity free of charge in hostels unlike rental houses where tenants pays for tokens as well as water bills.Besides students are allowed to share the accomodations fees in rental houses unlike hostels where each students pays his or hers.

In institutions hostels students are provided with beds as well as mattress unlike rentals.In addition rental houses does not have stipulated fixed number of students to stay per room.

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