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Happening Now: Learning Halted at Kisii University as Lecturers Down Their Tools

Reports on our desks right now is that learning at the famous Kisii University has been halted this morning as Lecturers have had enough over issues to do with pay from the institution.

Picture courtesy. Image from the University.

Learners arrive to their various lecture halls to find them empty as the lecturers have decided to put aside their teaching tools and not teach anymore.

The issue with the administration of the school over various allowances that are being demanded by the lecturers have been going on for a while but the institution has never acted upon it.

A few months ago, learning was disrupted as the lecturers took to the streets and it seems like this has happened again with no solution for the academic giants in site.

It's unclear if there are talks going on at the moment between the lecturers and the institution but we await to hear communication from the administration of the school on this.

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