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Students From a School Collapse After Claims of Devil Worshipping

The cases of devil worshipping are on the rise in the country.At times,some children have ended up confessing about killing their families after being under influence of evil spirits.The case of Waruinge's family is still fresh in the memories of many Kenyans.

Things were unusual in one of the public primary schools in the country.Nyamunda primary school has hit the headlines after pupils collapsing and crawling on the ground.Six girls who became victims were crawling helplessly while making absurd confessions.The schools BoM chair Mr Timon Ogola said that there were no need to close the school since majority of the pupils would be innocently affected.

The worried parents thronged the school to confirm the incident that some said that they have never witnessed in any of the schools around the area.Unfortunately,one of the teachers is being alleged to have been the source of all these..However,the school head teacher Fredrick Taabu down played this allegation.

This comes bearly two years when such an incident occurred at Magina primary school in Ndhiwa,Homabay County.In this school,a female teacher too was alleged to have been the source.In Nyamunda, investigations are going on.

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Fredrick Taabu Homabay County.In Magina


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