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A Procedure Of How KCSE 2021 Candidates Should Select Courses On KUCCPS

KCSE 2021 candidates are in the process of applying for their courses on the provided platforms. According to the published news, KUCCPS opened it's portal a few days ago, calling students to apply for courses. The portal will be open for a while and then it will be closed for purposes of university allocations and placements. After that, there will be a second revision for those who will not have qualified in the first one. 

Today I want to guide the candidates in application sessions that they're supposed to do in their portals. 

So go to your browser, search for KUCCPS portal. The link will be opened automatically and you'll be asked to log in. 

On that logging in part, provide your KCSE index number, KCSE year (2021) and the password should be your KCPE index number or Birth Certificate number. You'll now be able to access the portal where you're provided with courses, institutions and required cluster points for each field. 

Select the courses of your choice according to the level ( Degree, Diploma, Certificate) where you fit in. After that proceed to submission and you'll be required to pay for the application. The portal will automatically direct you to payment details. After paying the required amount then you're free to submit your application for more approvals by KUCCPS. 

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