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Most Marketable Degree Courses In Kenya In 2021

It is a dream for all students to get employed after completing their studies and doing well in school. In order to avoid landing in any unfortunate situation, it is good to make sure you choose your course wisely.

1. Bachelor of medicine and surgery. Very few students are able to study and complete the 6 year course, which makes it more marketable.

2. Bachelor of software engineering. In this generation almost everything depends on internet. The most exciting thing about it is that you can be self employed but still be able to secure a lot of money.

3. Bachelor of statistics. Despite that it is a tricky course, one would never regret studying it for it is highly in market.

4. Bachelor of nursing. Just like medicine and surgery, it will never run out of market. Our country needs more medics everyday.

5. Bachelor of civil engineering. It has been at the top when it comes to engineering courses. It takes four years of study to complete.

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