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Machogu's Message To All Grade 7 Parents Demanding Them To Do This Before The 30th of January

Learners are to start again their formal classes on 23rd January which will be on the next week according to the ministry of education Ezekiel Machogu. However, grade 7 students are to launch their modern term on 30th January whereby the ministry of education Ezekiel Machogu has handed out a request to all parents who will concede their children to the exotic protocol.

Machogu has petitioned all parents to glance for new suits for their children since they will not appear identical to further students at the schools. However, following the report, the ministry of education noted that grade 7 students will put on the new uniforms which will be unique from other students who don't operate the CBC proposal.

He added that the parents should be readied the initial at this before the students open the new term on the 30th of this month however, other students are starting up their unusual term on Monday.

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