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Marketable TSC subject combinations for secondary schools, which 2022 candidates can apply for.

Teachers Service commission(TSC) is response for employing both primary school teachers and secondary school teachers in kenya.TSC constantly replenishes its faculty by recruiting new teachers to replace those who have left the profession.In order to acquire a job very first as a teacher after graduating from Universities', you need to understand and know the current marketable subject combinations.The following are some of the current marketable combination subjects a 2022 candidate can apply to study for at the universities;

1. Maths/ Physics

This is a marketable set of skills that TSC can knock down your door to hire you on the spot after graduation.There are a few people who have been trained to teach math and physics schools today. Most college students avoid these courses because of the reputation they have for being difficult.

2. Physics/ Chemistry

These are not easy topics to discuss. Due to perception of being difficulty, few students choose to major in these areas of study. Someone with this mix of skills is assured of a position at TSC within a year or two after graduation.

3. Chemistry/ Physics

Very few people are trained to teach chemistry and physics in the Nation. People avoid this combination due to the perception that it is complex.Those that aim for this combination tend to rise to the top of TSC’s priority list.

Biology/ Agriculture

It is possible to find a well-paying job in the agricultural sector, especially at the top parastatals.Rhis combination has broad variety of jobs in agriculture sector.

 Computer/ Any Combination

These days, it pays handsomely to have a degree in computer science because of the increasing importance of technology in the classroom.It is easier to get a job in TSC with this combination.

Biology/ Maths

This is an extremely marketable subject combination. TSC isn’t necessary to secure a position as a BOM teacher outside of the organization.

French/ Any Subject

French language educators are in limited supply. Individuals who have studied French will have an edge when applying for teaching positions at TSC.High-quality educational institutions typically offer French as a foreign language option for their students.

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